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Summer (Outdoor) Recreational Programs

RA Steen Community Centre offers several recreational outdoor soccer programs for Wolseley youth during the spring and summer months.

These programs are divided into 3 major categories.


For 4 to 8 year old boys and girls. Canadian Soccer Association – Long Term Player Development “Active Start” (ages 4-6) and “Fundamentals” (ages 6-9) program. Provides an introduction to the game and begins teaching basic skills in a fun environment. Everybody gets to play equally, no scores are kept, and the emphasis is on having fun. The games are played two nights per week (Monday and Wednesday, or Tuesday and Thursday). This is run within the Wolseley neighbourhood at Wolseley, Laura Secord and Mulvey school fields. The season begins with a kick off at the Winnipeg Soccer Federation indoor soccer complex (University of Manitoba) at the end of April and runs through May and June, with a windup Jamboree at the end of June.


Youth Soccer (District)

For 9 to 12 year old boys and girls. Canadian Soccer Association –Long Term Player Development “Fundamentals” (ages 6-9) and “Learn to Train” (ages 9-12). Games are played within the St. Charles Soccer District on dedicated LTPD-sized fields (age-appropriate field / goal size) for U9 and U10 and ¾ size field for U11 and U12. Home field for RA Steen teams is at Minto Field (Minto Street, south of St. Matthew Street; one LTPD and one ¾ field). At ages 9 and 10, teams play 6 v 6 (five plus a goalie). At ages 11 and 12, teams play 8 v 8 (seven plus a goalie). Each ‘game’ night includes a skill-building team practice, followed by a game played against another team. Referees are provided to help teach and enforce the rules of the game. Standings are not kept, and the focus is on skill development, both individual and team skills. See Canada Soccer Association for details on Competition for children 12 and under . Boys and girls play on separate teams. Youth soccer is managed by the St. Charles Soccer Association with RA Steen teams playing other teams from the district at a number of different venues. There are normally two games per week on weekday evenings (either Monday and Wednesday, or Tuesday and Thursday, depending upon the age group). One additional practice is usually held once per week. The season runs through May and June. Several tournaments opportunities are available to teams (for an additional team entry fee) in the city throughout the spring and summer.

Senior Youth Soccer (City)

For 13 to 18 year olds. Canada Soccer Association – Long Term Player Development “Training to Train” and “Training to Win”. At age 13, the games switch to the full size field, and have a full complement of 11 players on the field at a time. At this age level, the teams are administered city-wide by the Winnipeg Youth Soccer Association, and games are played at various venues throughout the City. The season runs through May and June, and then resumes in September with playoff rounds.