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Soccer Coaching


This program provides an introduction to the game of soccer. It begins teaching basic skills and movement in a fun setting. Every night a team will visit three different stations/coaches to practice a new game or skill for ten minutes.  After the skills stations, each team will play a twenty-minute game and enjoy a team snack afterwards.  Mini soccer is twice a week for May and June at either the Mulvey school, Wolseley school or RASCC fields. Coaches will use the Soccer Canada Curriculum (Active Start U456/FUNdamental U78).

Volunteer coaches are essential to run this program. Please email or call the center to sign up for coach volunteering.

Interested in Youth coaching?

We need your help and we will support you to ensure your coaching experience is a positive one, whether you are coaching U4 mini or experience U18 recreational players. If you are interested in coaching please contact the mini or youth soccer conveners (see Contacts for details).

The recreational soccer programs run by the RA Steen Community Centre are provided totally through volunteer effort.  The costs of providing equipment, facilities, referees, and management are borne by the fees collected, but everything else comes down to a commitment from the parents and others to help out.

The biggest commitment for volunteers is for coaching, assistant coaching, and managing.  The normal stream for a volunteer parent coach is to start with mini-soccer, and progress up through the programs along with the child.  Coaches attend training seminars, where they receive the assistance needed to learn how to coach and run their teams.  The training seminars are paid for by the St. Charles Soccer Association.  Certifications received from the training sessions are national in scope, and are thus transferable if a family moves somewhere else in the country.

Coaches for U9 – U18 soccer are required to submit to background checks, and must take a provincially administered “Respect in Sports” online program.

Visit Charleswood Youth Soccer Association for the following coaching forms. 

  • Team Registration Form
  • Waiver Form
  • CAR
  • CPIC
  • Acceptable ID

Interested in Youth soccer referring?

Are you 12 or older?
Do you love soccer and know the game well?
Would you like to earn $20 or more per game referring youth soccer games this summer?

The St. Charles Soccer Association is looking to recruit new Youth Soccer Referees. The District offers an excellent training and mentoring program to support you as you develop your skills as a soccer referee.

Interested? For more information check out the St.Charles Soccer Association web page:

or send an email to: