R.A Steen U13 and U15 Bantams both make it to the City Final Championships Saturday July 6-7th!

Come cheer them on this weekend at East St.Paul Sports Complex (http://espcc.ca/?page_id=378) is located at 2442 Raleigh Street in East St Paul.
8:30am -Bantams- Diamond #5
1:30pm- U13 –Diamond #4
4:00pm- Bantams-Diamond #5
6:30pm- U13 Diamond # 4
8:30am- U13 Diamond #2
1:30pm      Bantams- Diamond# 1
     U13 –Diamond# 2
6:30pm- Bantams-Diamond #1

Congrats to the U13 R.A Steen Bluejays for winning the Silver medal in the North Winnipeg Regional Championships. They played with heart in a tough match and just fell short in a 14-13 loss. However they now qualified to play in the City Finals this weekend

Congrats to the U15 Bantam Bluejays for qualifying in the city finals this weekend. This is the first time R.A Steen was able to submit a team in this age category and were able to finish 4th in a competitive 13 team league. They finished with a 10-4-1 record and now play with the top 10 teams in Wpg

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