Welcome to a whole new world of programming here at R. A. Steen.
This summer we’ve decided to do a small day camp for children age 7 – 12.

If you are interested in this program, please read all information below.

It’ll look a little like this…

The Robert A. Steen Community Centre is offering a new Day Camp for children aged 7 – 12 years old during the school break to participate in activities and to spend time with their friends. Each week will be a different themed ‘day camp’ which begins at 11:30 am and runs until 3:30 pm. The first camp starts on July 6th, 2020 and the last camp ends on August 21st, 2020. There will be no camp on August 3rd, 2020. We are limiting participant registration to a maximum of 2 week-long day camps per child in order to have availability for more to sign up. If you are registered, but the week is full, we will refund you the registration fee (other fees from the on-line format will not be refundable as we are required to pay this amount), or we can move you to a week that has more availability.
The participants (maximum of 12 per week) will arrive between 11:30 and 11:45, their temperatures will be taken, they will be asked our COVID-19 screening questions, and then they will sanitize their hands. Once this has been completed we will eat lunch. When lunch is finished the first activity will begin. In between activities we will have time for everyone to use the bathroom and sanitize. The building will remain locked throughout the day.

Day Camp Procedures
Participants will line up (2 meters apart) from the front doors. When the participants of the day camp arrive their temperatures will be taken, they will be asked Covid-19 screening questions, and then they will sanitize their hands. Staff members will be marking down attendance as the participants are screened. We strongly recommend that a mask or face covering is worn indoors. Disposable masks will be available (1 per week); however we ask that the participants bring their own masks if possible.
Bathroom Breaks
We will have multiple bathroom breaks throughout the day. On the first day of each day camp week we will have a demonstration of proper hand washing technique. After every scheduled bathroom break the staff will sanitize all touch points in each bathroom (taps, door handles, toilet flush levers, etc.). If a single participant uses the bathroom in between bathroom breaks the bathroom will not be sanitized.
Phone Usage
A phone will be available to participants to use in case of emergencies only. After each use it will be sanitized.
What to bring
We ask that all participants bring a water bottle, lunch, hat, sunscreen, bug spray, and a face covering every day. Masks or face coverings should be worn indoors. Swim suits will only be required for water days. The participants must not bring unnecessary toys, books, or other things. If there is a reading time, we will supply the books. There will not be any free time for the participants to use their own things.
We will not be having any fundraisers so there must be a fee to help cover costs. The fee will cover any expenses incurred over the week (for supplies, treats, etc.). At the end of every week we are planning to have a windup where we will provide food from a local venue. This will also be included in the fee. We are hoping to keep the fee as low as possible, anywhere from $10-$35 a week depending on the activities planned.
This program will not be a drop in program; each participant will be expected to engage in every activity planned. Participants must be picked up by parents/guardians or another verified caregiver, unless the parent/guardian has notified staff that they’ve given their child permission to leave on their own. Participants will not be free to come and go as they please. We hope to have as many activities outdoors as possible. This includes doing crafts, physical activities, games, etc. Any supplies used must be wiped down with sanitizer, and IF we do any activities done with touching (e.g. tag) then everyone will sanitize after that activity.
Possible field trips
We will not be taking any transportation for field trips this year. This limits field trips to places within walking distance. An average field trip might look like this: walk to a park, walk to business to get snacks or lunch, and then walk back to R.A. Steen.
We are considering having contactless guests come during the summer. These guests would have to perform outside. For example the dog show would happen as usual in the court yard but the children would no longer be able to touch the animals. We are still working on ideas for more guests.

To Register for:

Only 12 spots per week available! Only register for 2 weeks so that others may also have the opportunity to register. We will be monitoring this.

Olympic Week – $5.00 registration

Click the link below to register for this week. https://permission.click/PpvaQ/ca

Art Week – FULL

Nature Week – $10.00 registration

Click the link below to register for this week.https://permission.click/Xpezn/ca

Science Week – $12.00 registration

Click the link below to register for this week. https://permission.click/vLBay/ca

Movie Week – $16.00 registration

Click the link below to register for this week. https://permission.click/6qkwr/ca

Art Week 2.0 – $12.00 registration

Click the link below to register for this week. https://permission.click/q547e/ca

Mystery Week – $12.00 registration

Click the link below to register for this week. https://permission.click/9xkKj/ca

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