Summer Camp Program 2020-09-15T06:36:28-05:00

Summer Day Camp

This year brought on new changes to our usual summer drop in program. In past years we would have ran daily programming for one hundred kids registered in the drop in program. Obviously this would have to change. We wanted to ensure that we could run a safe, exciting program for the children in our community, so we decided to run seven weeks of themed day camps. Our day camps themes ranged from art to nature to science. Each week we had twelve new children ready to participate in all the thrilling activities we had planned. Part of the challenge of running this program was figuring out how to create a safe and sanitary environment for all. We implemented screening procedures and sanitized all spaces and equipment used. This was new to us and the kids; they were helpful and adapted well to the new guidelines. We had a blast running this year’s program, seeing old faces and new during the summer. We did many different activities such as soccer baseball, painting, and even a scavenger hunt throughout Wolseley. Some of us learned how to play football, while others brought their pet grasshoppers for everyone to meet. Werewolf was a fun take on a classic game (Mafia) that helped kids stimulate their creative side. Every Thursday was spent relaxing by the pool, followed by an intense water fight. Fridays we celebrated the end of the week by eating pizza from the delicious Slices Pizza and watched a movie. We are proud to say that many of the kids at the program were willing and eager to wear masks while being inside. This was great to see as throughout the summer cases of Covid-19 started to rise. The kids understood the importance of wearing a mask and social distancing the best they could. It was definitely a summer that we will all remember. We would like to thank all the parents and kids for making sure this program could run without a flaw. We hope everyone has a safe and fun return to school this fall.
Tia and Jack