Although some restrictions regarding the current COVID-19 situations appear to be slowly lifting, the current outlook for our youth sports is still under review. There are many levels, both political and organizational that need to agree before we can progress at the community centre level. The majority of our outdoor facilities and fields are bound by city permits and therefore must wait for the city and province. Sports organizations from the National, Provincial, Association and regional levels are also involved (for example, part of your registration fee goes towards that sport’s player insurance).
RASCC will provide an update once we have more information.
If you have registered a player and would like to request a refund at this time, please contact the Centre at 204-783-5616 or email at: rasteenpc@shaw.ca or rasteengm@shaw.ca
When/if sports are given the green light to proceed, registration for some sports will reopen. Note at this uncertain time we have no information as to what return to play will look like.
For more information please refer to the sport specific web sites. Example, St.Charles Youth Soccer or North Winnipeg Minor Baseball.

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