A Special Message from Nicole

Dear Community,

Hello hello, Nicole here. I have had the pleasure of working at the Robert A. Steen community centre for 8 years. I have just graduated with 2 degrees: a Bachelor of Arts and a Bachelor of Education, and am now off to explore the world of teaching.

In the time I got to work at R.A. Steen, I have been able to be a part of the centre’s amazing activities that I grew up participating in, such as the winter carnival and the mini soccer program. I got to work with amazing co-workers who I call some of my closest friends, and was able to connect to our wonderful community in so many ways. Most importantly, I got to do what I love to do most, which is to work with kids! Looking back over the years I met the most bright, imaginative, caring youth who never failed to inspire me. I am so lucky that I was able to meet so many outstanding community kids who I got to mentor, have fun, and learn with. To all of you kids (and those that are no longer kids anymore!) I am so grateful to have known you. Whether that included a single summer, a school year, a combination, or all, I am honored to have got to be a part of your lives. I am so proud of the programs I got to organize and be a part of, and I am so glad that so many enjoyed them.

My time as an employee at the centre has come to an end, but as many who have grown up in Wolseley would say, this community will always feel like home no matter where I live or end up.

Thank you so much for everything. See you around!


Hockey Registration

Online registrations will be open on July 15th 2015 & end Sept.6th so that the 8-9-10 yr old tryouts can start Sat.Sept.12th & IP program Sat. Sept.19th

There will be 3 walk in dates for those who require a GCWCC subsidy or do not have a computer or credit card

The 3 walk-in dates are as follows

Tues.Aug.18th 6:30 pm – 8:30 pm
Sat.Aug.22nd 11 am – 1 pm
Tues.Aug.25th 6:30 pm – 8:30 pm

all walk in dates will be held at Sturgeon Heights CC 210 Rita St.

Payment is cash only as credit or debit cards cannot be accessed

Male AA tryout registrations will also be held at these walk-in dates & times & payment for tryouts is due at this time

Also please have put on your outdoor reader boards if possible, online Hockey Registration starts July 15th at